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Jul 13, 2012
@ 12:19 pm


Ciao a tutti…a brief introduction: I’m Katie, I’m 20, I live and work in Cardiff at the moment and in 8 weeks time I am moving to Verona (to “study”) for 6 months, and then Sevilla for the 6 months after.

I’m going with two other girls and in August two of us are going out to Verona to find a flat. 3-bedroom flats in Verona are few and far between. I’ve been looking on EasyStanza and I keep getting messages from old guys who want to live with young girls for obvious reasons. Eh, Italy.

My favourite is “Pucci” who is a playwright and his hobbies are “journalism” and “music is my life”. Che?

Even though flat hunting might not be easy, I am still ridiculously excited to go to Verona. I’m pretty lucky with the placement I’ve been given and the people I’m going with. Gonna be a 12-month botellon/loliday.